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At The Dog Social, we understand that dogs need social interaction, physical activity, and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. That's why our daycare is designed to offer your furry friend a safe, fun, and nurturing environment where they can play, socialize, and relax under the careful supervision of our experienced staff.

Our daycare provides a dynamic blend of activities tailored to keep your dog engaged and energised.

From supervised playtime with other friendly dogs in our air-conditioned indoor play areas to daily walks that are weather-permitting, we ensure your dog enjoys a fulfilling day. We also offer flexible scheduling, allowing your pet to stay for an hour or the whole day. Comfortable beds for naptime and continuous access to fresh water guarantee a comfortable stay for all our canine guests.

From one-hour play sessions to full-day care, we accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Our indoor climate-controlled play areas and comfy beds ensure year-round comfort.

Ready to give your dog the best day ever? Book a spot at our daycare now and let your furry friend experience the joy and excitement of The Dog Social!

Service benefits

Book a daycare session today and let your furry friend experience the joy and excitement of The Dog Social!
Air-conditioned play areas
Socialisation with other dogs
Fresh water and daily walks
Nap-time in comfortable beds


Doggy Daycare Northern Beaches

At The Dog Social, we also provide caring doggy daycare services for pet owners on the Northern Beaches. We ensure a safe and engaging environment for your furry friends. The experienced team is dedicated to making sure your dog enjoys a fun-filled day while receiving the highest level of care. With a convenient location in Manly, all doggy daycare needs are catered to.

Our facilities are designed to offer a variety of activities that keep dogs entertained and active. Every dog receives personalised attention from our trained professionals, ensuring they are well looked after throughout the day. From interactive play areas to comfortable rest spaces, every detail is considered to provide the best care possible.

Trust The Dog Social for reliable and professional doggy daycare on the Northern Beaches, where the focus is always on the well-being and happiness of your pet.

Premium Doggy Daycare Service on the Northern Beaches

Our doggy daycare Northern Beaches service is here to offer the best care for your pet. We provide a variety of activities to keep your dog entertained and engaged throughout the day. Our facilities are equipped with the latest amenities to ensure comfort and safety for dogs of all sizes. We prioritise the well-being of your pet, ensuring they have a positive and enriching experience at our daycare.

The Best Dog Daycare on the Northern Beaches

The Dog Social is considered the best choice for dog daycare service on the Northern Beaches due to our caring approach.

Fully Supervised

Our daycare is fully supervised by trained professionals, ensuring your dog’s safety and happiness at all times.

Air-Conditioned Environment

We maintain an air-conditioned environment to keep your dog comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.

Access to Fresh Water

Dogs have constant access to fresh water, ensuring they stay hydrated throughout their stay with us.

Doggy Daycare Service Northern Beaches

Providing a wide range of services as part of the dog daycare Northern Beaches package ensures that every aspect of your dog’s needs is met. At The Dog Social, an interactive play area is available, equipped with various toys and equipment to keep dogs active and engaged. Daily walks are included, offering exercise and fresh air to maintain your dog’s health and happiness.

Comfortable beds are provided for rest, allowing dogs to relax and recharge after playtime. Our experienced team is committed to delivering high-quality care, focusing on the well-being of each dog. Every detail is carefully considered to create a nurturing and stimulating environment.

Trust in The Dog Social for a reliable and professional dog daycare service that prioritises the health, happiness, and overall well-being of your beloved pet. Experience a daycare service that goes above and beyond to cater to your dog’s every need.

Interactive Play Area

Our interactive play area is designed to keep dogs entertained and active, with various toys and equipment to stimulate their minds and bodies.

Daily Walks

Daily walks are included in our daycare service, providing exercise and fresh air for your dog.

Comfortable Beds for Rest

Comfortable beds are available for dogs to rest and relax after their play sessions, ensuring they are well-rested and happy.

Our Daycare Programs

A range of daycare programs is available to suit different needs and schedules. The dog daycare Northern Beaches options include full-day and hourly packages, providing flexibility for busy dog owners. Each program is designed to ensure dogs receive the care and attention they need, regardless of the duration of their stay. With experienced staff and excellent facilities, every dog enjoys a stimulating and nurturing environment.

Trust in The Dog Social for a complete dog daycare service that meets the diverse requirements of both pets and their owners.

Full Day Packages

Full-day packages are available for those who require extended care, offering complete services throughout the day.

Hourly Packages

Hourly packages provide convenient options for dog owners needing flexible care schedules, tailored to individual needs.

Contact the Dog Social Today

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our best dog daycare services and how we can assist with your dog’s needs.

Schedule an Initial Assessment

New clients can schedule an initial assessment to discuss their dog’s specific requirements and ensure the best possible care. Contact us to arrange a visit and see why we are the best puppy daycare on the Northern Beaches.

What is doggy daycare?

Doggy daycare is a service where your dog can spend the day in a supervised, safe, and engaging environment while you are away. At The Dog Social, we provide a structured schedule of playtime, socialisation, and rest periods, ensuring your dog gets ample exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day. Our trained staff is dedicated to providing a fun and nurturing experience for your furry friend.

Do you provide food and water for the dogs, or should I bring my own?

We provide fresh water for all dogs throughout the day to ensure they stay hydrated. For food, we recommend that you bring your dog's own meals to maintain their regular diet and avoid any potential digestive issues. Please bring the food in a labelled container or bag.

Are there any breed or size restrictions for dogs at your daycare?

The Dog Social welcomes dogs of all breeds and sizes. Our facility is designed to accommodate the varying needs of different dogs, ensuring that both small and large breeds have safe and appropriate spaces to play and rest. Our staff carefully monitors all interactions to maintain a harmonious environment.

Can my dog be groomed while attending daycare?

Yes, we offer grooming services while your dog attends daycare. This can include nail trimming, washing, drying, and full grooming services. You can schedule grooming services when you drop off your dog, and they will be pampered during their stay with us

What are the requirements for my dog to attend daycare (vaccinations, health checks, etc.)?

To ensure the health and safety of all dogs in our care, we require that your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations, including Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, and Bordetella. Additionally, your dog should be free from any contagious conditions and in good overall health. We may also conduct a brief assessment to ensure your dog is a good fit for our daycare environment.

Can I tour the daycare facility before enrolling my dog?

Yes, we encourage you to tour our daycare facility before enrolling your dog. This allows you to see where your dog will be spending their day and to meet our staff. Please contact us to schedule a tour at a convenient time.

Do you do overnight stays?

Currently, The Dog Social does not offer overnight stay services. Our focus is on providing exceptional daytime care and activities for your dog. If you need recommendations for overnight care, please feel free to ask our staff, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Owner and operated by locals, The Dog Social is your new local dog grooming and daycare in the heart of Manly.



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